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I am Nazmul Islam

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I am Nazmul Islam. I have been working as an SEO Expert for the last 2 years. I have chosen the local market and online marketplace as my work area for this SEO. I have completed many successful projects at Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer and SEO Clerk in online marketplaces. There are quite a few clients who regularly request for their work to be done.

I have worked with many companies in the local market, well-known websites, who look at my work positively and at the same time hire me to do their projects again because they are happy with my work. I always provide 100% quality service to the client. We provide all services of SEO.Like keyword research, backlink creation, On page seo, SEM (search engine marketing), technical SEO, site audit, etc. I can provide customers with all the services of SEO.

SEO EXpert in Bangladesh

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Search engine optimization aims to ensure the improvement of a website by following the guidelines of the search engine. Search engines have several rules, which are used as ranking factors for a website. SEO is mainly required for website development. The main purpose of SEO is to bring the website to the SERPs of the search engines.

Why is SEO necessary?

You have created a website or you already have a website. But the main problem is that your site does not have the desired amount of visitors. And to solve this problem search engine optimization (in short – SEO) is needed.
There is no substitute for SEO to get the desired amount of visitors and site success to your site. And in this case, you have to hire an SEO expert to promote the site. Who knows and understands SEO well.

Why choose SEO for website traffic?

SEO is necessary to get good amount of visitors to the website. The majority of visitors to a website come from search engines. And if this opportunity is missed then it is not possible to take a website to a good position. Apart from SEO, other marketing methods and techniques can be used to bring visitors to the website, but it is a very expensive and difficult task. 

So there is no alternative to search engines to get good quality visitors at low cost, in less time. The traffic that comes from Search Engines is completely organic and if a website is fully ranked, it gets traffic for a long time. In this case, the better the SEO, the better the benefits.

How does an SEO Expert work?

An SEO Expert will be the best assistant to help your business website reach its desired goals. Who will help your website achieve its desired goals . An SEO specialist basically works to show your website on the search engine result page. He tries to bring a website to the top of search engines (Google, Bing) through various techniques of SEO. 

Search engine optimization works to rank a website by employing various techniques to achieve the desired goal of a website. The use of different techniques of SEO can bring a site to the top results of search engines at the same time, thereby improving the business. The main task of an SEO Expert is to use various SEO techniques correctly.

How do I hire the best SEO Expert?

A good SEO   Expert should be hired to do SEO. First of all, he is an experienced person and at the same time, he is used to solving such problems every time. To hire an SEO   Expert you should first contact him and tell about your website type, goals, and objectives. Which in turn will give you a better solution accordingly. 



  • You must be careful when vetting an SEO   Expert. After you contact him, first check his identity, portfolio, and website.
  • His portfolios will help you understand if he is an SEO   Expert. You can easily get an idea about the work done from the portfolio.
  • Besides having a website, an SEO   Expert must also look after his social media presence. His LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook profiles should be seen on all sites.
  • Look at the comments and reviews of previous clients before you hire them. Analyzing that will help you understand whether you have entrusted the progress of your business to the right person. 
  • If your website is local area targeted then you must hire a local SEO   Expert . In this case, you have to see his portfolio and contact him. For this you can hire SEO   Expert in Bangladesh.

How are SEO Expert in Bangladesh?

SEO Expert in Bangladesh are among the best SEO experts in the world. There are many SEO experts in Bangladesh who provide international quality services. Those who have worked in various companies starting from international agencies. They are appreciated for their excellent quality of service. Nazmul Islam is one of the best SEO experts in Bangladesh. Who has been working with reputation in this industry as an SEO Expert. Hiring the best SEO Expert in Bangladesh will also give you some special benefits that will act as a powerful tool for your business growth.

Ideas about local businesses

A Bangladeshi SEO Expert has an understanding of the local businesses around him, which helps him in his work. He can observe the businesses around him well, thereby expecting good results from the work done by him.

Good communication skills

Hiring one of the SEO experts in Bangladesh will also make you feel comfortable communicating with them. When you can understand or say what you need to say. As a result, your business progress will be faster. Because many times it is seen, due to not being able to communicate properly with the one who is assigned to work, it is not possible to achieve the desired goal of the business.

Marketing cost savings

If you want to get visitors or customers by going beyond SEO, then you have to choose more expensive methods. In this case you can do SEO to save money. And for this you can hire SEO experts in Bangladesh.

Insights into Competitors

By doing SEO, you can get a better idea of your site’s competitors, in which case you can take the necessary measures to keep yourself ahead of the competitors.

Increase business presence in search engines

SEO is one of the best marketing methods for business growth and rapid expansion. The more you can position yourself on the search engine results page, the more business you can improve. A skilled SEO Expert can only do that.
In this case it is right to hire a skilled SEO Expert.

Increase credibility

The more your website’s presence in search engines increases, the more your credibility will increase. In this case, you must hire a Bangladeshi SEO Expert to achieve effective success. They will provide you with the desired service with sincerity.

SEO Expert in Bangladesh

Who is the best SEO Expert in Bangladesh?

An integral part of digital marketing is search engine optimization or SEO. Nazmul Islam is the best SEO Expert in Bangladesh. Who is an SEO Expert as well as a digital marketer. He has been working as a professional SEO Expert for a long time. 

He has been working as an SEO Expert in various online marketplaces as well as in the local area. Nazmul Islam’s work style is different from any other SEO professional. He works within some basic framework.


  • He is a professional and young SEO   Expert.
  • Successfully completed many previous projects
  • Worked on many domestic websites as well as international sites.
  • Been associated with blogging and affiliate marketing for a long time.
  • Worked in many international marketplaces (Fiber, Upwork, SEOClerk) as well as local marketplaces.
  • Has good expertise in various branches of SEO such as Keyword Research, On Page SEO, Technical SEO etc.
  • Having a proper understanding of how a website should reach the desired goal by applying various techniques of SEO well.
  • As he works within a unique framework, his work is different from others.
  • Once he undertakes a project, he takes all necessary strategies and measures to complete it.
  • He has successfully completed many projects despite being new to others.

Yes, Nazmul Islam is a White Hat SEO   Expert. He always follows the guidelines of search engines in the field of SEO work. He never resorted to black hat SEO. Basically, he doesn’t support black hate SEO. Black Hate SEO is a wrong practice, which can put your site in serious danger. Websites that practice Black Hate SEO can get banned or lose rank by search engines at any time. So no best SEO experts practice White Hat SEO.

Nazmul Islam is ready to serve clients anywhere in the world. He has been providing services for the websites of various organizations and companies starting from individuals in Dhaka and any local area. He can provide services in both local SEO and general SEO. He provides one-time and contract-based SEO services for any legitimate business in Bangladesh. 

Nazmul Islam is

It is important to see how skilled an SEO Expert is. Nazmul Islam is a young SEO Expert but he is an advanced SEO expert. He has mastered various aspects of SEO from nitty-gritty to advanced topics. He has been constantly expanding his scope of work to provide genuine SEO services to clients. He has been able to advance so far because of his strong desire to find a solution immediately when he is faced with a problem in the field of work.

He has mastered all aspects of SEO. He practices it regularly alongside his work. He is one of the advanced SEO experts in Bangladesh as he has good expertise in almost all aspects of SEO.

One of the most important parts of SEO is on page SEO. Without on-page SEO, a site’s content cannot be properly introduced to search engines. So on page SEO is very important. And for this, of course, other page SEO should be done very well. For this, it is best to hire an On Page SEO Expert or SEO Specialist. You can rest assured by hiring a good SEO   Expert. 

Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh Nazmul Islam is a best on page SEO   Expert. He has already completed many successful projects.

There is no substitute for off page SEO to grow a site quickly. It is possible to get rank in search engines quickly through off page SEO. So this is a good strategy to get high rank and get your website in a good position. And if you want to get good quality off page seo services, then you should hire an off page SEO Expert asap. Best off Page SEO Expert or SEO Expert in Bangladesh Nazmul Islam provides high quality off page SEO services.

On page, off page and good keyword research no matter what? If technical SEO is not done properly then it will not be useful. Many of us face these technical problems every now and then. 

It is very important to solve technical problems correctly to get a website rank in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo). And for this the best solution can be given by a technical SEO Expert who has been solving these problems in the past. Nazmul Islam is one of the best technical SEO Expert and SEO Expert in Bangladesh.

A part of digital marketing is SEM or search engine marketing. Every year millions of businessmen, institutions and individuals promote their websites, products etc. through search engines. This is mainly done by showing the ads to the search engines themselves. An SEO expert or SEM expert should be hired to get better results from SEM and to keep the ad up and running properly. Because it is an expensive project. A slight mistake here may not yield the desired results.

Besides general or international SEO, Nazmul Islam also provides local SEO services. Area based websites have to go through the most trouble when it comes to SEO. Computer detection for the website as well as concerns about the future of the website. The market is small but the company is more. So a local SEO Expert in Bangladesh can be hired to target the right company. He is skilled in SEO as well as competitor analysis of local businesses.

Hiring a good local SEO Expert will also be able to spot several more basic issues that will help your website move forward. Bangladesh’s local SEO Expert Nazmul Islam has demonstrated his expertise in this regard through his previous local SEO work. He has done local SEO work for many domestic and foreign clients, from which the clients have received positive feedback.

Nazmul Islam is a young SEO Expert from Bangladesh. Three became a full-fledged SEO Expert while still in secondary school. Apart from SEO, other skills have been developed. He is a professional SEO Expert with an extra interest in SEO. He chose SEO as his career because learning new things and doing new things is his main goal. 

While SEO is a challenging subject, it is not impossible. Nazmul Islam has worked for various marketplaces and local clients as a professional SEO Expert since his high school days. In a very short period of time, he has mastered SEO and worked as an SEO expert. Nazmul Islam is a Bangladeshi young SEO Expert.

Nazmul Islam is an SEO expert. He has been providing On Page SEO, Off Page SEO, Technical SEO, Keyword Research and SEM along with other SEO services. He has already done a lot of work. From which his clients are happy. He continues his work regularly. As one of the best SEO experts in Dhaka, he has been providing his SEO services for all types of websites in Bangladesh including Dhaka. Its services are very affordable. 

Keywords act as the driving force of a website. Basically, search engines rank keywords. When a common user searches with a keyword on Google, it is necessary to choose the right keyword to be in the list of results that the search engine shows. That is to say, select keywords that will rank easily. This task is difficult but not impossible. And in this case, a keyword research Expert or SEO Expert can give the responsibility. They will help you find the right keywords.

Why hire the best SEO Expert in Bangladesh - Nazmul Islam?

Hiring an SEO Expert is essential to improve your business, organization personal or blog website. Hiring a good quality SEO Expert will help you achieve your desired goals. You can proceed with the consultancy of Nazmul Islam, the best SEO Expert in Bangladesh.



  • Taking SEO help from me will boost your business growth like never before.
  • I will be able to improve the ranking of your site through various techniques.
  • As my strategies are effective for all types of websites, I can guarantee to get your website to a good position in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.).
  • I can get your site ranking without using any black hate SEO techniques.
  • We use White Hat SEO techniques among the SEO techniques, which will keep your site safe. There is no fear of van or rank reduction from search engines.


  • As a result of the various strategies, you can bring your site to a better position in the search engine rankings, which will increase the number of visitors, customers and users of your site compared to before.
  • My local SEO is done through various tried and tested techniques so that I can rank your business locally on search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.). As a result, the identity of your business or organization will increase.
  • I always do my best to help my clients achieve their desired goals and I do it with dedication.
  • Various projects done by me in Local SEO and General SEO have been 100% successful.
  • You can see the impact of improving your website on your business ROI.

Why trust SEO Expert Nazmul Islam?

You should never trust an SEO expert in the first instance. You have to be careful in this case. Hiring the right SEO expert can be done through several techniques. You must first check the bio data, portfolio and personal website of the person you are hiring. They will help you decide. After looking at these initially, it is best to talk to him and check if everything is fine. Nazmul Islam has been working as an SEO expert for a long time. You can see our bio data and portfolios as proof. Your given project will continue to work until the assigned responsibilities are completed. There are many successful projects in the past, which represent his advanced professionalism. You can undoubtedly choose Nazmul Islam, the best SEO expert in Bangladesh for your website or project.

What SEO services are you providing?

SEO services vary based on different locations, types of websites etc but basically, the work is the same. Whether it is local SEO, country based or international in scope, its basic functions and objectives are the same. I have experience working for businesses, affiliates or blogs, organizations, companies, individuals etc websites. Different languages, programs or CMS are used to create websites. For example, web development languages include PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc., and CMSs include WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, etc. Most e-commerce sites are built with PHP, WordPress and Shopify. In this case I work for all types of websites. I am providing Keyword Research, On Page SEO, Off Page SEO, Technical SEO and SEM services.

SEO Expert in Bangladesh

Keyword research

There is no substitute for keyword research to improve a website and reach desired goals. A site’s future depends on keyword research. The better quality keywords can be selected for a site, the better for it. So to choose good quality keywords for your website you can do it yourself if you know how to do keyword research or if you don’t want to research or don’t know how to choose the best quality keyword. Then you can do the best keyword research with us.

On Page SEO

An important part of SEO is on-page SEO. Site success depends more on On Page SEO than Off Page SEO. After keyword research, content creation is not the end, then on-page SEO needs to be done to understand the search engine. Otherwise, no matter how good the keyword selection is, it may not work. So we are at your side for the best quality On Page SEO services. 

SEO Expert in Bangladesh

Off Page SEO

How fast a site can grow and reach its desired goals depends on off page SEO. Links created for your site introduce you to the general visitors or users as well as distinguish your website to the search engines. As a result, your site will be able to get rank faster. You need to take the best quality Off Page SEO service in this case. A best SEO expert will play a good supporting role in this regard. 

SEO Expert in Bangladesh

Technical SEO

An SEO related technical issue on your website can spell major disaster for your site. Technical issues prevent you from ranking in search engines. For this you should be careful. And in this case, you can choose a best technical SEO expert. Who can bring your site out of such unwanted danger. 

SEO Expert in Bangladesh

Website SEO Audit

It is important to do a website audit to understand the status of the website. This audit can be external or internal. In both cases, SEO audit should be done. As a result of an SEO audit, what is the condition of a website in search engine, what problems need to be solved in ranking, finding out technical problems, finding out various errors, the status of backlinks etc. If you know all these things, you can compare with the competitors and take necessary measures. A proper website audit is important for SEO. 

You can get website SEO audit from us. The report that we generate by auditing your website will help you take necessary action. At the same time, there will be necessary advice to solve the problems. 

SEO Expert in Bangladesh

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Search engine marketing is the best way to grow your website or business fast. You can pay search engines to have your site featured on their search results pages. In this case, for better results, an SEO expert should be hired, who will work to increase the interest of users or customers through various techniques. Also, an SEO expert is needed to run ads well. Which you can do from us.

What benefits will I get from Nazmul Islam's service?

We are providing several services of SEO. Among these, keyword research, on page SEO, link building, search engine marketing etc. are worth mentioning. He provides these services very efficiently. My aim is not only to sell services, but I also try to make sure how much a client benefits from my services.

Regularly updated

I consider it important to regularly update about the projects given by the client. In addition to sending weekly reports to inform about the status of a project, one more report is sent every month. From where the client gets a complete idea of the improvement or deterioration of his project or website. This process continues till the end of the project period, which is why the work can remain intact even after the client has been informed. Also, whenever the client wants to know about the site or project outside of the report or beyond the stipulated time, everything is explained to him well.

Support all the time

Support is always provided for any project or site SEO or any problem. In this case, when a problem arises, appropriate solutions or measures are suggested to solve the problem. If there is any problem in the weekly or monthly report, you can talk about it at any time. If I encounter a problem with the site or the project, if it is to be solved according to the contract or prior discussion, I will work to solve it immediately. 

Facility to talk or communicate about the project at any time

I regularly provide reports on the progress or deterioration and current status of the website or project. However, if there is any new problem, you can discuss it with me at any time and I will help you to determine the necessary measures and activities to solve it. Apart from the discussion of the report, you can also discuss with me about other aspects of the project at any time, I will try to give you adequate advice.

Discuss any other issues beyond the assigned project

You will have the opportunity to discuss various project issues beyond the project for which you have contracted me or hired me. In this case I will try to give you the proper advice for free.

Free consultation for site development

A website may not only have SEO related problems but some of its problems are observed. Like the broken design, inappropriate web design for SEO, various programming issues, server issues etc. All these problems often affect your website’s SEO. And I will give you all the necessary advice and help to solve these problems for free.

Mistakes that can't be made in hiring an SEO expert?

There is a need to hire SEO experts for company or business, personal or organization websites. It is necessary to verify that the person being hired is actually an SEO expert. It will be easy to make a decision if you look at several things for this. Here we will mention only a few simple ways to choose a professional SEO expert. You may have better ideas.

SEO Expert in Bangladesh


The person you are hiring should have a rich website. If he is a professional SEO expert he will have a website. Where everything will be provided with detailed information. And every SEO expert considers it important to have their own website. So there is no doubt that an SEO expert will have his own website.

SEO Expert in Bangladesh


Before hiring an SEO expert, you should check the portfolio. An idea of the work already done can be obtained from the portfolio. From where you can easily understand about him. Those who have been doing this for a long time must have portfolios. Viewing portfolios is important for you because you need to know about the experience of the person you are hiring. 

SEO Expert in Bangladesh

Social media presence

You should definitely look at the social media presence of the person you are hiring. You can get a lot of additional information from social media profiles. His activities are easily understood from his social media activity. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other professional social media profiles should be seen. As a result, you can easily understand about that person.

SEO Expert in Bangladesh

Linked in profile

Although LinkedIn is a social media site, it is completely different. This site is mainly designed for professional users. Every professional has a LinkedIn profile. Be sure to check out the LinkedIn profile of the person you are hiring. Whether that person uses other social media or not, a professional should use LinkedIn. And you will be able to easily get an idea about that person by looking at the bio data given in the LinkedIn profile.

SEO Expert in Bangladesh

Communication experience

When contacting an SEO expert for hiring, you can ask him various questions about the job or his skills. This will make it easier to know about his skills, as well as whether he is suitable for the project. You can also chat, call or video conference with him. And if you fall within the local area then you can talk directly.

How much role can SEO expert Nazmul Islam play?

SEO expert Nazmul Islam is a smart, talented, hardworking and skilled person. He has gained experience by working in this industry. He has complete coverage on almost everything related to SEO. He has the ability to solve any problem related to SEO. He is constantly improving his skills. He is more focused on his professionalism through skill development. He is always ready to solve various problems related to SEO. The projects already executed are the best examples. He has worked extensively in international and local markets. By working with him, employers are able to take their business or website to a specific target. Showcased his extraordinary talent in the field of local SEO. He is able to successfully complete the work orders that come to him.  Clients have received good results from the work done by him, as a result of which many clients have a positive attitude towards Nazmul Islam. 


When he sees a serious problem at work, he works quickly and doesn’t stop until he gets the problem right. And that’s why he is succeeding in his profession despite being a young SEO expert. Having chosen SEO as his profession, he is ready to face all the challenges associated with it. So he can play a good role as an SEO expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO rank refers to being in the top ten results of a search engine results page. That is, after searching something in the search engine, if that website is in the first search result in the first ten results, then the site has ranked on that specific keyword.

Their advice and work are very important for the growth of your business. You can significantly reduce marketing costs by SEOing your business website. In this case the help of an SEO expert or consultant is required.

No, even if SEO is done, it cannot be said that it will come in the search engine result page ranking. However, if you follow all the guidelines of SEO correctly, it may be possible to get a ranking.

Although SEO takes some time, its effectiveness is very rewarding and can be enjoyed for a long time. If you use other marketing systems, although they work faster than SEO, but they are expensive and can be consumed for a long time. Therefore, there is no substitute for SEO for money and effective marketing. SEO should be done, even if it takes some time.

To improve your website, you need to hire an SEO expert. Otherwise, the website may fail to achieve the purpose for which you have created it. Hiring an SEO expert will drive your site more traffic than before and help you achieve your desired goals.

If you are running a local business, then you should not go through SEO experts in Bangladesh. SEO experts in Bangladesh are proving their expertise in identifying and dealing with competitors of local organizations and businesses. It is possible to improve the website easily with their excellent service and proper advice. And considering the success of the business should take the advice of SEO experts in Bangladesh.

Nazmul Islam is one of the best SEO analysts. He analyzes the various topics of SEO such as keyword research, on page SEO, off page SEO, technical SEO, website ranking status etc. It helps to determine the original and current condition of a website and take necessary measures for it.

White SEO means SEO that complies with the entire guidelines of search engines. Doing SEO by directly following the guidelines of search engines without adopting any dangerous method is called White Hat SEO. Nazmul Islam is a White Hat SEO expert. Who follows w
White Hat SEO method in SEO work.

A search engine is a type of specialized software that searches the web and its content by specific words or phrases. A search engine is basically a special software, whose main function is to help the user to find the required information by finding various websites. It is a very important technology in today’s internet.

Search engines organize the various web pages by crawling them on their servers. When a user searches a search engine for other information, the links in the search engine are displayed in front of that user. From there the user gets his desired information. And basically a search engine does the job of providing information to internet users.

A search engine is an essential tool for internet users. Its popularity is increasing day by day. There are many search engines, which in addition to providing the best results for users to search, offer various other features. Among the search engines around the world, Google, Bing, Yahoo, DakDakgo etc. are notable. However, among global Internet users, computer users use Bing and mobile users use Google more. However, as a total internet user worldwide, Google has more users, in this case, Bing’s position is second. Now there are many computer users who are starting to use Google and Google users are increasing worldwide. Among the world’s best and widely used search engines, Google is at the top. Not only that, there are many people who only know Google as a search engine and are used to using Google.

Google is a widely used search engine worldwide. Almost all mobile users worldwide search for information on the Internet through the search engine Google. And a majority of the total internet users choose Google as a search engine. Google is ensuring better service to the users through its improved search quality, ability to display fast results, various features and various advanced updates. 

Google is the largest search engine used worldwide. Most of the internet users search for various information on Google. So Google is the biggest traffic source. Google has to give a little more importance to the measures a website needs to take advantage of this traffic source. Because most of the search engine users are using Google. Since the main purpose of a website is to bring visitors, Google is a very big traffic source so it is right to give more priority to Google first. And in this case, I don’t think there will be any major loss for the website. It will take less time and labor and at the same time it is possible to get a good amount of visitors.

It would be wise to give search engine giant Google more priority when it comes to SEO. There are of course several reasons. Those are the reasons that mainly lead to Google’s dominance. Google is one of the most used search engines worldwide. The number of its users is constantly increasing. Also, its ability to show advanced search results and various extraordinary benefits are the main reasons for its popularity. It is better to do SEO focusing on Google as it has more users. In this case, it should not be towards other search engines. Because the guidelines of all search engines are almost the same with few exceptions. As a result, even if Google does SEO, the work of other search engines is done. In this case, it does not work separately for other search engines. And this is the biggest advantage for a website owner. Because there is no need to do SEO separately for different search engines. As a result, money, labor and time will be much less. Finally, giving Google priority in SEO is more likely to be a gain than a loss.

You can rank your site in Google without an SEO expert if you are an SEO expert yourself. If you want to rank in search engines then you must do SEO. And SEO will be done by him who knows, understands, is experienced and skilled in SEO. Apart from that, if you do it by yourself or by someone else, there will be no gain. Instead, the time you spend is a waste. Since you consider SEO essential to improve your site, you need to hire an SEO expert. Apart from this, if you have an idea about professional SEO, then if you can do some basic work, you will not be able to do complex work. Because you are not an SEO expert. So there seems to be no better option than hiring an SEO expert to keep the website ranking well in the search engines.

Since the website is an asset, money has to be spent on its development. This is normal. This includes design, development and other costs. Apart from these one-time costs, there is another cost which is the marketing cost. To earn a good amount of income from a website first of all it needs to be promoted. It costs a lot. Again there are different categories in this marketing field. For example: Social Media Market, Content Marketing, Ad Campaigns, SEO etc. But here the most profitable and powerful promotion technique in website promotion is SEO. By doing SEO, a website gets higher in the search engine rankings and gets a lot of traffic from there. The search engines do not have to pay any money for the visitors that are obtained as a result of ranking in the search engines by doing SEO. Other promotion techniques are not as effective as SEO in website promotion. As those promotional strategies are expensive, the desired results may not be achieved. It is advisable to choose SEO as a promotion strategy for a website. 

It is not possible to say how many days it might take to rank for a keyword because there are many factors involved in ranking a keyword. If the competition of a keyword is relatively weak, it is easy to get rank in that keyword. Again, if the competitors of the keyword are more powerful, you have to gain a lot of speed to get the rank. And at the same time, during the keyword research, everything must be observed and verified very well. Mistakes made during keyword research lead to ranking problems later on. If the keyword research is not done properly then it may happen that no matter how much On Page SEO, Off Page SEO is done it will not bring any benefit. If you can select a good keyword by doing keyword research, it will rank within 15-180 days according to the keyword count. 

The main task of an SEO expert is to implement SEO strategies according to the guidelines of search engines. He tries to bring the website to the top of SERPs by applying various SEO techniques to a website. In this regard, he adopts several significant strategies. He compares his website with other competitors, organizes new projects and SEO strategies to advance his project. Later, by gradually implementing that plan, he tries to reach his or the client’s website to the set goal. An SEO expert can choose several paths to progress the project. For example: White Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO and Big Hat SEO. A good SEO expert always provides services following White Hat SEO. Black hat and big hat SEO is not supported by a good SEO expert.

When you think Nazmul Islam is suitable for your website or project, you can hire him for your project. He always strives to provide the best service to each of his clients. He wants the clients to benefit by receiving services from him. Contact him directly to hire him. 

Many people may say that it is not possible to get rank in Google without link building. I would say this is not entirely true. A website can rank even if it doesn’t do link building or get backlinks. Many times it is seen that even after building hundreds of links, the rank is not available. It totally depends on the keyword. 

If the keyword to be selected is of low competition, a good quality content can rank for that keyword without any backlinks. And if the keywords are of high quality then the backlinks as well as the content should also be of high quality. Then it will be possible to get the rank. If you want to rank without any backlinks then you have to take low quality keywords and publish good quality content.

Bangladesh’s best SEO expert Nazmul Islam has been working with SEO for a long time. He is one of the most skilled SEO experts in Bangladesh. He does various works of SEO.

Nazmul Islam is one of the best SEO experts in Bangladesh. Who has been providing local and general SEO services for a long time. He has experience working in various local and international marketplaces.

The word or combination of words that we usually use in search engines to know something is called a keyword in the language of SEO. The special method and technique used to select keywords and determine the appropriate keywords for the rapid development of the website is called keyword research. Without selecting good quality keywords for the development of a website, it is not possible to reach the desired goal. How successful a website is in business depends on how well word research is done. If you ask any SEO expert about this, almost everyone will give their opinion in favor of it.

You have a website. The website can be your personal blog or business. No matter the reason you create a website, it has a core purpose and goal. If the website is for your company or business, its main purpose is to find customers. But if you sit down and create a website, then it will not happen anymore. In this case everyone should know about your website, and take the necessary measures for this. And for this, you have to do SEO by following the right guidelines. In doing SEO, first of all, keyword research should be done properly. Keyword research is one of the most important SEO techniques. Keyword research is the first and most important step for doing SEO. If you fail to choose the right keywords here, then all your website plans will be ruined. Because keyword research is an important step. The main purpose of SEO of a website is to get rank in search engines, and keywords act as its main driver. If you fail to choose the right and good quality keywords, then it will not be possible to rank in the search engines. So, to avoid these problems, keyword research must be done seriously and carefully. Only if you can choose good quality keywords, your website will be better than others. In this case it is better to hire an SEO expert to get a good solution. 

On page SEO basically refers to SEO work done inside a website. An important part of SEO is on-page SEO. By doing on page SEO a site can get rank easily.

One of the most important parts of SEO is on-page SEO. On Page SEO creates an invisible bridge between the website and the user. Even if the right keyword research is done for a website, if on-page SEO is not done, then everything can fail. The main task of on-page SEO is to understand the search engine, what is inside it. Websites and website content are optimized in such a way that search engines begin to give importance differently. The ranking of the site starts to increase as the search engine gives different importance. A website can reach its target audience instantly. And you can consult an SEO expert to make it more effective.

Content is called the life of the website. No website can function without content. Every website has some content. Content can be of a different nature. For example: general text, image, video, audio etc. All these are one content. How rich a website is is mainly determined based on the content. Search engines mainly prioritize the content. The higher the quality of a website’s content, the more important it will be. If you want to stay in the search engine for a long time with your website, then definitely use authority content. Then the search engine will accept you differently. And in this case, if SEO is done correctly, your success is inevitable. Good quality content is definitely needed to get good SEO results, otherwise success is not possible. And if the content of the website is not good, then doing SEO will not be useful. Instead, it can create more new problems. 

SEO work done outside the website is called off page SEO. Off Page SEO basically refers to the activities and processes outside the website. Doing off page SEO will quickly strengthen the position of the website in the search engines. As a result, off page SEO is required to improve the website quickly. Off page, SEO emphasizes on backlinks. Off page ACO may require different types of backlinks from different sites, which will increase your position on the internet. The smarter you are at building backlinks, the more success you will get from it. In this case, you also need to be careful, from where backlinking will harm your site.

Link building is the creation of backlinks for a specific site to another website on the Internet Back link or link building helps in increasing visitors as well as increasing individual recognition on the Internet. Building good quality links is very important for a website. You should check the quality of the site you are submitting your link to.

The best tool to grow a website fast is to build high quality backlinks. High quality backlinks can be obtained from various mediums. Guest posts, getting backlinks from organic blogs, paid backlinks and backlinks from PBN are the most effective. Apart from this, profile backlinks, comment backlinks, web directory backlinks etc. can be of different types. In this case, if you take these types of backlinks, your website is more profitable. If you get backlinks organically, then a few such links are enough for your website.

If you have a certain amount of good quality backlinks for your website, your site will move up the rankings faster. If you think you will get a ranking without backlinks or off page seo then you are wrong. It can be easily guessed through this example. Your website is fine with content quality, images, videos and on-page SEO, while another person has created exactly the same quality content with the same keywords as you. In this case, the search engine will give more importance. Of course, the next step in On Page SEO is Off Page SEO, which will have the best position. Hope you understand the importance of backlinks.

Guest posting is one of the many ways to get backlinks from related sites to the original site. Guest posting is basically done by linking to the original content from another website article or content published. In this case, most of the time the provider site has to pay. And for this, despite it being an effective off-page SEO strategy, many people look for alternatives. Of course, we have a good and easy solution at hand. That is the content. As you collect more research and resources and write content while maintaining your own uniqueness, eventually backlinks will start coming organically from that content. Mainly because the content is done with authority, links are also provided as resource sources from many sites. So content should be given importance as an alternative to guest posts. Apart from this, there are several other solutions.

What is Black Hat SEO? Black Hat SEO is the complete opposite of White Hat SEO. Black hat SEO refers to the use of SEO techniques outside of the search engine guidelines, not following the search engine guidelines. By using this method it is possible to get a website ranking quickly but it is not long lasting. When it comes to the attention of search engines, the website loses rank, in which case search engine penalties are often given. Which is not good news for a website at all. Using Black Hat SEO can get a site ranked quickly, but it cannot be maintained, at the same time, this method should be avoided due to the possibility of getting penalized by search engines. Under no circumstances should black hate SEO be used. And no SEO consultant or expert will endorse Black Hate SEO.

Gray Hat SEO is a combination of White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO techniques. There are many people who do not use Black Hat SEO directly, but use it in combination with White Hat SEO. Its main purpose is to overcome the negative aspects of black hat SEO and get faster rankings. While this seems like a viable approach to many, many SEO experts are not in favor of it. Because even if black hat SEO issues can be hidden from search engines for a long time, they can be caught by search engines at any time. The potential of search engines to understand cannot be denied. In this case, gray hat SEO should be avoided.

The purpose of SEO for any website is to bring desired visitors to the site. In this case, the SEO that is done following the guidelines of the search engines is called White Hat SEO. Adhering to the search engine guidelines properly, SEO can get the site to a good position, albeit at a slower pace. If you practice Black Hat SEO, you can rank quickly initially, but the search engine catches it once. Then it downgrades the rank or sometimes gives a penalty. Therefore, as a result of practicing White Hat SEO, there is no fear of penalty, but it is able to maintain its strong position after ranking the search engine, even if it is slow. There is no substitute for White Hat SEO to ensure website performance and proper ranking. Even if it takes a little time, labor and money, it should be worth the wait because the results obtained will be long term. Which would not be possible to achieve through Black Hat SEO. The SEO of the website should be followed with utmost care and the search engine guidelines should be followed smoothly. In this case, you can hire White Hat SEO experts. The visitors you will get as a result of using White Hat SEO will be useful to you. You will get free traffic for a long time which will improve your website or business status more quickly. You should not think of any other method other than White Hat SEO to achieve and expand your website or business’s desired goals. 

Even if a website is well SEO’ed, its results may be zero. SEO alone is not enough to be successful. No. Apart from SEO, a website can have multiple problems. If the problems cannot be solved properly, it will not be useful to do SEO. Problems can be of various types, website speed, content problems, website design problems, and technical issues. Content is the life of a website, if it does not have good quality content, the site will not be able to progress. At the same time, if the website loads late or has various technical problems, the importance of the site gradually decreases to the search engines. Because the purpose of search engines is to provide good quality and correct service to users. In this case, these problems are clearly mentioned in the guidelines of search engine optimization. That’s why even if you hire a well-meaning SEO expert, you won’t reap the benefits of SEO.

You may already know some of the reasons why your site may fail despite doing good SEO. Basically, these problems are the main obstacles in SEO ranking. If you can identify good quality content, website design, technical problems, and the reasons for website slowness, then you can solve them very easily. Although the problems seem complex, they are not impossible. You have to do it for the development of your website. 

  • Good quality content

Content is said to be the lifeblood of a website. If your website does not have good quality content, you will not be acceptable to search engines. Many times plagiarized or copied content, content created with dubious or different tools is used. Which is not quality at all. In this case, you have to be careful in choosing the content, otherwise, all your efforts will fail. 


  • Website design

Website design is very important for SEO. Website design should follow SEO guidelines to get good results in SEO. If you create a site following the guidelines of the search engine, it will be more important to the search engine. Paralysis web design is the worst example of SEO in web design. Those designs are not suitable designs to getting good results from SEO. Therefore, the website design should also be considered


  • Identify technical issues

Another reason for a website to lag is its technical problems. Even if technical problems cannot be solved properly, they become a cause of danger for the site. Due to technical problems, a website can be down, hacked and SEO problems along with various other problems. Quick steps should be taken to solve the technical problems. For this you can hire a good web developer or solve the technical problems with his help. 


  • Good quality hosting

A website faces many problems without good quality hosting. Such as various technical problems, low side speed, fear of data deletion, site hack etc. A good quality hosting can solve these problems. Technical side loading problems can be easily avoided by using good hosting. So it is very important to use good quality hosting.

  • Website speed

Loading speed is very important for a website. Because the loading speed depends on how the user experience of the site will be. At the same time it is very important for SEO. First of all you need to choose a good quality hosting to increase your site speed. After this, various technical problems have to be solved. Also more important tasks include updating themes, plugins regularly. A website’s speed can also be increased manifold by optimizing the size of the content used.

The majority of a website’s main traffic comes from search engines. Still, using different approaches and marketing strategies can bring traffic to the website without doing SEO. However, those methods are time-consuming and expensive. Traffic can be brought from social media sites, in this case, it is necessary to be well known on social media. Apart from this ad campaigns can also bring visitors to the website. If you want to bring visitors to the website through ad campaign, you have to spend a lot of money on it, but still there are doubts about whether you will get the desired results.
Many a time it is seen that without SEO any website gets good amount of traffic but it does not last long. So using various marketing methods to get traffic is not a substitute for SEO.

As you get more visitors with less cost from SEO, you need to wait for it for a long time. Its effectiveness cannot be realized unless one waits patiently. At least wait 3-6 months to implement a specific plan. Even if the expected results never come, then everything has to be planned again and the previous mistakes have to be corrected. 

Google My Business is the search engine Google’s special service for businesses. From small businesses to large companies, Google allows these profiles to increase their visibility on the Internet. This profile can be arranged with a business name, address, website, social media, description, products and other information. Google searchers can easily get an idea from this profile at a glance. The Google My Business service is primarily used to introduce a business at a local level. People can easily know about the business through this Google My Business profile. Its use is increasing day by day. The trend of creating a Google My Business profile among local businesses is increasing day by day.

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